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Domain names create a unique identity on the internet, much like your real name does in life. Visitors (customers etc) use domain names to find your website, as well as to send email to the correct person or destination. A good domain name with a website and related email is one of the cheapest and yet most important marketing tools. We make getting set up a breeze, and if its not your thing, we even have an optional package for a small fee to do it all for you and get you started!

Use our handy domain search tool above to search for available domain names you can register (purchase).

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There are multiple parts to a domain name, separated by periods (.). The easy way to understand them is to read them in reverse. So the '.uk' part (which is known as the 'top-level') in tells you its a UK domain (FYI '.uk' is the forth most popular on the internet - most popular are .com, .de (germany), .net, then .uk), the '.co' says its a general use/commercial domain (most popular, others may be .me, .org etc), then the 'onequid' is the chosen name used by our business (and may be your name - perhaps even concatenated like 'joebloggs').

For example, if you were to purchase a domain name, say from us with a hosting package, you could put up a lovely website at, as well as create one or more email adresses, such as,, and for your wife, etc.

While it's fantastic to get a domain exactly matching your name, its quite unlikely you will be able too. So be prepared to compromize a bit. Domain names are bought up as fast as possible and most of the popular ones are gone! Some companies buy thousands and resell them at profit. Massive profits have been made like this with some domain names selling for thousands. Use our domain name search tool to search for some names you can think of - a few minutes may just result ina great find ... just type a word or name into the search bar above. If you are lucky enough to find your actual name available, you should seriously think about buying it, fast.

Technically you need a domain name as an 'address' on the internet. Professionaly and personally, its a great marketing tool and says a lot about your business or yourself to have a aptly named website address and specially email. Most professionals frown at 'free' email addresses such as hotmail and yahoo, and because of the trouble with them many websites will not accept them online for registration etc.

So register a domain name with us asap to reserve your web address. And even if you only plan to create a website later, our entry hosting packages are so cheap you can start with one now and setup one or more email accounts immediately.

But why with us when there are so many domain registration companies? Well, firstly : we're one of Europes largest and offer features that only a few do, while our prices are extremely low. One "must have" (which we include free) is the ability to transfer your domain out freely. Most domain providers charge you an admin fee for that (like 30) - be sure to check their smallprint! We don't.

First check if the domain you want is available, then you can register (purchase) it.

To check availability, type your desired name into the "search" bar on top of this page. You will get a list of available domains (if there are any). If there are a few available the difference would be the 'top-level-domains', so you may have for example '', '', '.com', '.net', '.org' etc available. The type of domain ('top-level type) you choose depends on its use. You are really free to use any and anyone worldwide can find your website no matter the type, although some are really best for specific purposes - eg .org for non-profit organizations. Most popular would be .com and .net which are more global domains, and in UK the most popular is by far If some names/type combinations are not listed they are taken. You can try to slightly change the name, like maybe insert an underscore character ('joe_bloggs'), or a middle name or initial etc.

Some ideas for finding a name are for example for someone named 'Joe Bloggs' with middle name Peter,might be: joebloggs, joe_bloggs, josephbloggs (if appropriate), jpbloggs, jp_bloggs, joepeter, joepeterbloggs, jpb etc

Once you have found a domain you would like to own, decide how long to register it for ('' Domains carry a 2 year minimum), tick the option to add it to your basket, and checkout to purchase it.


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