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Our goal is to bring an honest and extremely high quality web hosting service to the community, for a price everyone can afford. Too many web hosting companies blatantly 'trick' their customers into deals which are extremely difficult to get out of. We don't do any of that, we believe our customers are our best marketing tool, so a happy customer is one that will be a good reference - even after they close their account should they ever need too.

UK / British flag Proudly British. We are a genuine UK company, registered in England, and our large hi-tech data-centre is in England too. This has many benefits for UK as well as European customers.

Too many web hosting companies have their data centres in USA. It's obviously better to have a local data-centre than one 4000 miles away connected by a network of undersea cables! We are right on the doorstep of Europe too, so have excellent and priority service to European countries.

On top of that, you get the undeniable advantage of British quality. We don't cut corners using cheap technology to save a few bucks. And we don't give some customers sub-par service just because they are 'smaller'. Plus you are re-investing in British ( and therefore European ) economy, helping us to employ staff who possibly use their income to buy your products!


No Hidden CostsNo Hidden Costs ... Pay what you see. We don't 'trick' you into paying more as you get closer to checkout, or after you joined!

This is an advertising trick most competitors use ... advertise the product at a rediculously cheap price, then get you to enter all your details so they can use them for marketing, and finally add additional "needed" costs at checkout, or reveal you are signing your life away for 5 years!

Also you need to read their terms carefully, most do not allow you to cancel on a good 'deal' for a very long term, and those that do charge you so much to cancel and transfer out you end up paying it anyway.

Our cost are upfront and open. You basic costs are your domain package (available from £1/month paid annually), setup fees (£5 once-off) unless they are included in some larger and 2 year packages, and a domain name unless its included (in some larger packages). Yes, we do offer added options, but very few need them.

Price Freeze : Never pay more!Price Freeze Never pay more!

Another massive feature! We freeze your renewal price to the price you started with us at! This is for hosting : domain renewals ajust to the market trend, as we unfortunately don't dictate the prices.

You don't have worry that we will increase our hosting prices once you are settled ... this is another over-used trick to get more money from customers.

So you also don't have to buy a longer-term package because you are concerned hosting will cost more in a year or two. Its fixed. Of course you may choose a longer-term package as you get more value, but thats your choice.


Cancel Anytime Cancel Anytime

Here is another biggie. We don't hold you ransom till you turn grey ... we want happy customers who appreciate the extreme value-for-money they get with us, so should you be be unhappy with our service, we allow you to cancel at anytime!

When other hosting companies advertise they allow anytime cancel with refund ... read the smallprint: if you joined a 2 or 5 year plan with them, you will have to pay it. ie. They allow you to cancel after whatever the current billing-term is! In order to benefit from their 'cancel anytime' you would have to be on a month-to-month billing plan .. which would be extremely expensive no doubt! They get your money one way or another.

We don't steal. When you cancel with us, you are REFUNDED your unused hosting on a monthly basis, so if you cancelled effective from month 6 while on a 2 year package, you will be refunded 75% of your hosting fee. We cannot refund domain name purchases - as they are owned by you not us, so you get to keep them and use them as you like ... resell them if you like (we have tools on our domain control panel to make domains "for sale", or just abandon them (in which case you MUST notify us as we have no way of knowing ... else we will try renew them at your expense). If you got a free domain name with your package, the current domain purchase cost we advertise will be deducted from your refund. And should you want to trasfer the domain away from us, unlike other companies (which charge up to £30) we do that for free.

Free Domain For Life Free Domain For Life

Should you choose a package which has a free domain included, we will pay the annual renewal fees for that domain for it's life with us. That is as long as your hosting package fees/renewals are paid for that same package.

We give free domain names on some 2 year packages such as Big Spender, King Tux, Win-ner, and King Bill.

Free iPhone Control Panel Free iPhone Control Panel. We have it, and it's cool.

Manage your hosting package from anywhere with our cool exclusive iPhone control panel. Included with all our hosting packages free!

Free Dial-up Internet Free Dial-up Internet Service.

Dial-up internet may sound out of place in the world of broadband, but its extremely useful to have should you be caught travelling and need to connect! Also millions of homes in UK do not yet have broadband.

Instead of having to pay a monthly fee for a dial up internet account with a provider, we supply you with one to use as another free included service! There's no subscription fee, and you access it by using a 0845 local call rate so its pay-as-you-go.


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